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Megabitmeter – Analog Bandwidth Meter DIY Kit Available End of December

After showing you MegaBitMeter and TorrentMeter a month ago, we received a ton of requests from people asking for a product or kit they could buy. Thus we bring you MegaBitMeter as a bandwith meter DIY kit that will be available at the end of December. We also put MegaBitMeter on Twitter to keep you updated on availability and documentation. We've just received the first batch of custom made meters:

MegaBitMeter Scale

MegaBitMeter Scale Preview

The ideas for both MegaBitMeter and TorrentMeter were conceived in different places, yet at about the same time. @pocsascha got inspired to create his MegaBitMeter while working on energy data at ICMP5. @skytee reflected on "the Internet being a series of tubes", yet certainly all crafted from copper and brass and thus the need for an appropriate "pressure gauge". Halfway through implementing our ideas, we met and exchanged ideas on how to make scales and drive meters. Now, after getting all the requests for a kit, we make it available. This is a prototype:

MegaBitMeter prototype

MegaBitMeter prototype

The bandwidth meter DIY kit will have the metal stand you see and the above light blue scale. Soon you can roll your own! If you attend 27c3 or BerlinSides this December, you can get one from us in person. As soon as the shop is up, we'll post an update on Twitter.

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