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Autobahn – A Guide for my Foreign Friends

Going fast is fun! Legend has it, Autobahns have no speed limit. A few road signs tell your legal moves from speeding and when to better get out of the way.



Autobahns are controlled-access highways. The photo above reveals some design details that make safe, fast travel possible. Rather than pouring out asphalt and see where it sticks, there's a bridge built across a rather shallow valley, the hill in front has been cut into to lay the road through. Built in seven layers, the road surface is flat, smooth and provides grip, drainage puts away with rain, side rails keep you on track if necessary. Autobahns are built for high throughput and high speed. That makes them expensive and different from roads in much bigger countries that must stretch across large distances at economic expense.


Temperature sensor – A trip to Steinhart-Hart, Gaussian elimination and thermistors

I made a thermistor-based, water-resistant temperature sensor to be used with a micro controller. Here I document the process on how to get the thermistor calibration data.

thermistor temperature sensor

Thermistor temperature sensor

Recently, my friend w0z visited after 28c3 and we ended up checking out Segor, a brick-and-mortar electronics shop in Berlin. It's to me like a candy shop is to kids. Among other things, a thermistor module piqued my interest, mostly because I had never used one before.


Megabitmeter – Analog Bandwidth Meter DIY Kit Available End of December

After showing you MegaBitMeter and TorrentMeter a month ago, we received a ton of requests from people asking for a product or kit they could buy. Thus we bring you MegaBitMeter as a bandwith meter DIY kit that will be available at the end of December. We also put MegaBitMeter on Twitter to keep you updated on availability and documentation. We've just received the first batch of custom made meters:

MegaBitMeter Scale

MegaBitMeter Scale Preview


FnordBoard – Color changing RGB backlit whiteboard

Make your own color changing RGB backlit whiteboard: useful in daylight and pretty at night. For extra coziness while working late hours in the lab (video).

FnordBoard - Color changing RGB backlit whiteboard

I needed a whiteboard and had this spare table top: frosted glass plate with an aluminum frame. While putting it up onto the wall with two strong hooks, I thought it would make a great diffuser for a lamp. Let it be a white board and a source of indirect light in arbitrary colors. And that's the idea of my FnordBoard.


TorrentMeter – A steampunk bandwidth meter

Weeks after showing you TorrentMeter Mk.1 (video) and TorrentMeter Mk.2 Steampunk Edition (video), I finally get to document how it was made.

TorrentMeter Mk. 2

TorrentMeter Mk. 2

I got inspired by reading Tom Igoe's article in Make Magazine issue 11, about an antique gauge displaying air quality data from the web. It hit a nerve: friends and I had once built a steam powered teletype. Since we've got fiber optical intertubes at home, I wanted a big brass gauge telling me how big my pipe was. And that's the idea of my TorrentMeter.


But will it make a sound?

Maybe read this blogpost of Mike Estee's before continuing. To me, reading it felt like looking into a mirror.

I do a lot of projects. I am around a lot of projects. I never talk about them. While elaborately and efficiently documenting my professional projects, I neglected to document my private ones.

I shall change that.

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